Body Mass Rate

Body Mass Rate

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The aim of this research is to find out how much energy is used by the human body to breathe , physical duties and also food digest absorption. This research will also enable one to know whether the energy is balanced or not. Also how much deficit energy is left in our body daily. How obesity or weight gain can be prevented with using expenditure to help predict energy balance. To be able to find out the results of energy balance the Douglas Bag Method would be applied.
The Douglas Bag method is very popular and broadly used to measure energy expenditure. It collects expired air and oxygen intake from the human body during physical activity. Babasaheb B. Desai (2000)

MRC (2013) Douglas bag procedure is an accurate method, but on the other hand is likely to measurement error resulting from conditions such as the maintenance status of the equipment .

Energy is known to be the source of life, being laid out to help support with all metabolic duties for example with growth, reproduction/ muscular movements and also chemical mixture by living organisms of different metabolites.
Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2005) Energy is comes from the foods we consume. Although foods carries various number of nutrients, energy is supplied by proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Vitamins and minerals in foods, although vital for normal metabolic activities, it does not contribute calories to our diets. With each gram of protein or carbohydrate we take contributes four calories of energy.
Energy is essentially needed for breath, blood circulation, digestion of food and various types of physical endorsements.
Energy is required to carry on with body activity such as heart beating, breathing and also other vital duty which retain us to be active. (Webb 2002)
The Douglas bags first needed to be emptied and then the tap had to be joined to the gas meter. The bag was then open by loosening the tap and allowing the vacuum pump to draw all the...

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