Mass Media

Mass Media

Mass Communication is the word used to describe the study of means when individuals can send information to large segments of the population all at once through mass media. Mass communication is used in worldwide, for example; most university offers a program of studies in mass communication, which includes production of newspapers, internet, and videos. Other than that, mass media includes broadcasting, for radio and television, various types of discs or tape, film, and publishing, mainly through books, magazines, and newspapers.

Many people consider themselves as well informed because they read newspapers or they watch the news. They repeat what they have heard, just like parrots do. Sadly, many times they accept information with filtering and judgment. They do not understand that they are under the mass media influence and what they repeat is a planted belief from the media.

No one can control the Internet. Everyone can have access to it and find reliable information. Of course the majority of news sites play the same role as newspapers and TV do, but you have the option to choose. You also have the power to search and cross check if what you read is true or not. Do not trust blindly any news site even if it seems valid. The news sources may be disguised as honest and truly reliable news providers. In America, it has been estimated that around 10-15 million people are suffering from Internet addiction disorder, and this is increasing at the rate of 25% every year. Search well your sources because, the same people, who try to take control of your mind with the traditional mass media, they will try also to do it from the Internet.

Television gives a big influence to people too. Murray (1973) has reported that 99% of families with young children own a television, and the children watch it two to three hours every day. According to the National Television Violence Study, there are three effects that develop from television violence, including learning...

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