Bonds over Time

Bonds over Time

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Cinema and Spirituality
Critical Approach towards Spiritual Self Portrait

Bonds Over Time is a work in progress personal project that I have taken up. Initiated mostly by the Cinema and Spirituality course.
For as long as I can remember, I have lived and learnt through bonds and memories, experienced through various journeys. Always, I have been told to do. For the better. Do what I really like and can put my heart into.
Each page in the book has a story to tell. All based on my paternal side family and their bond with their ancestral home. With the people connected to it and the memories and remains of it now. All of it recollected, told and thought off. From then and now. I have tried using found images from the early 1900’s as well. Hoping to create and bring about a wide range of perspectives and revealing lost emotions.

As a child, I have spent every other weekend there. Following my father where ever he would go. Listening to stories about his childhood in the same place. Listening to memories been expressed about tables, chairs, trees, planes, people, spaces and a whole lot more.
Every time we go there, for as long as I can remember, I feel an aura. A rush of emotion. A feeling of liberation. A feeling of belonging. A feeling of giving. Loving all that I see.

In a way, I am shaped to who I am today because of my surroundings. Which is why I thought, that this is the best topic to work with to bring out my self portrait.

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