Book Review: Dear John

Book Review: Dear John

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Dear John

Dear John is my favorite novel out of all the books I have read. This novel is very heart warming and tragic at the same time. In this book Nicholas Sparks expresses the difficulties with war, love and the choices that people have to make and live with for the rest of their lives.

John Tyree has been in the U.S army for a couple of years now and is stationed in Germany. During his leave for the summer he visits his single father back home in North Carolina. While John is home he spends most of his time at the beach surfing. On his second day home he decides to go surfing while at the beach he meets a girl named Savanna. She invites him for dinner at her beach house where she is staying with a couple of volunteers for the summer. By the end of the night they make plans to see each other the following night.

The next night they meet again and go out to dinner they start getting to know each other. Soon enough they spend the rest of their two weeks together and both are inseparable. Once Johns leave comes to an end the two lovers must say goodbye for a period of time. Throughout the time they are apart they communicate through letters. A year passes by and once again they get to meet and spend a short amount of time together. John realizes how much Savanna has going on for her and how much she has changed from the last time they saw each other. During his visit he has to accept the fact that Savanna is not the same as she once was. They get into an argument and say things to each other that are hurtful but in the end they set their differences aside and cherish the time they have together. The week they spend together has come to an end and John must return to Germany for his duties.

September 11, 2001, the armed forces hear of what has occurred with the towers in New York City. John is the leader of his team when he realizes that they have extended their tour he has no choice but to re-enlist for two more years. When...

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