business communication

business communication



Writing Routine Positive, Negative
and Persuasive Messages
As you have learnt in the previous units, there are various means of communication. This
unit examines the written aspect of communication and looks at the essential elements
of business writing, taking you through the process of crafting business messages whilst
applying the 3-step writing approach and taking your audience into consideration. We
will also take a look at developing an audience profile, crafting routine, negative and
persuasive messages along with the relevance of using direct or indirect approaches for
conveying negative messages.
This unit has three sessions as follows:
Session 5.1:
Session 5.2:
Session 5.3:

Fundamentals of Business Writing
Applying the 3-step writing process
Crafting Basic Business Messages

Learning Objectives
1. By the end of this unit you will be able to:

2. Discuss the importance of business messages
3. List the types of business message
4. Explain the 3-step writing process
5. Craft basic business messages

MGMT3024 - UNIT 5


Reading Resources
Your resources for this unit are as follows:
Considering the Message in Business Communication (
Writing Persuasive Messages
Writing Persuasive Messages
Routine & Positive Messages


MGMT3024 Business Communication

Session 5.1

Fundamentals of Business Writing
Writing for the Business Environment – Some Guidelines
As a member of any organization or business you will have to share important information
at some point. In most instances, vitally important information will have to be transferred
in a manner that can be easily documented for legal or accounting matters or just as a
measure of keeping track of...

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