Business Research

Business Research

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Chapter 3- Discussion Questions and Key Terms

Argument- allows us to explain, interpret, defend, challenge, and explore meaning. Two types of argument of great importance to research are deduction and induction.

Case- is defined in this sense as the entity or thing the hypothesis talks about. The variable is the characteristic, trait, or attributes that, in the hypothesis, is imputed to the case.

Concept is a generally accepted collection of meanings or characteristics associated with certain events, objects, conditions, situations, and behaviors.

Conceptual scheme- if research shows the concepts and constructs in this example to be interrelated, and if their connections can be supported it will be considered to be a conceptual scheme.

Construct- is an image or abstract idea specifically invented for a given research and/or theory-building purpose.

Deduction- is a form of argument that purports to be conclusive—the conclusion must necessarily follow from the reasons given.

Empiricism- is said “to denote observations and propositions based on sensory experience and/or derived from such experience by methods of inductive logic, including mathematics and statistics.

Exposition consists of statements that describe without attempting to explain.

Hypothesis- When a proposition is formulated for empirical testing, we call it a hypothesis.

Correlational hypotheses state that the variables occur together in some specified manner without implying that one causes the other.

Descriptive hypotheses- state the existence, size, form, or distribution of some variable.

Explanatory (causal) hypotheses, there is an implication that the existence of or a change in one variable causes or leads to a change in the other variable.

Relational hypotheses- are statements that describe a relationship between two variables with respect to some case.

Hypothetical constructs- likely be composed of numerous concepts—many of which will be quite...

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