Business Studies task

Business Studies task

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Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College
The Entrance Campus


COURSE NAME: Business Studies

MODULE / UNIT: The Nature of Business FACULTY: Social Sciences

TIMING: Week 9 Term 1 DATE: Friday 1/4/2011



This is an inquiry task based on the attached business case study for Aussie Bum, a small Australian manufacturer of colourful swimwear and underwear for men.

To complete the task you will need to:
1) Thoroughly read the attached business case study.

2) Respond to the following questions about the Aussie Bum business and its owner. Use the marks allocated to each question as a guide to the amount to write. For example, a one mark question would require a one sentence answer.
Use the business vocabulary and terms that you have learned this term to describe, identify, explain and evaluate the strategies of the Aussie Bum business.


1 Identify one financial goal and one social goal of the business. 2 Marks.

2a Identify the legal structure of this business. 1 Mark
b Explain why you believe this is the best structure. 2 Marks.

3a Identify four stakeholders in this business. 2 Marks.
b Explain one way the business affects each of them. 4 Marks.

4a There are a number of external factors affecting this business. Identify the external factor that you believe has had the most impact. 1 Mark
b Explain the effect of this external factor. 3 Marks.

5a Using a diagram identify the stage of the Business Life Cycle attained by Aussie Bum . 2 Marks.
b Explain the reason for your decision. 3 Marks.

6 Create a timeline for Aussie Bum to identify the major decisions and challenges that have affected it. 3 Marks.

7 Aussie Bum is an e-business. Explain why the e-business approach was adopted. 3 Marks.

8 Go to the Aussie Bum website and explore their on-line selling strategies. Choose one of these...

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