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Employee safety: HRMN 300 Lecture:

OSH ACT-OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT-setting the rule in an organization.
D.O.L-HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS-Levy fines and violations

Lockout/tag out- lockout danger to employees

General duty clause- free of hazard-
OSHA- someone falls in the workplace/death you have about 90 days to report
Employee rights under OSHA- any employee can request an inspection
Right to have a rep present at the inspection
Right to have dangerous substances removed
Right to be properly informed about exposure
Right to have to see information about what happened in the past
Inspection –must have warrant if not they will get one and come back and they might end up searching everywhere

Sexual harassment: 3 things
Sexual favors as a condition for employment
Unwelcome sexual advances
Other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating hostile or offensive environment.
QUIPROQUO- FOR THIS FOR THAT-promotion for sexual promotion-Power
Hostile work environment – pervasive and severe based on protected class(anyone)sexual conversation, crude. Displaying inappropriate pictures around
How to know if it has happened
Frequency of how it’s happened
Severity – touching
Key concepts
Perception is reality – hugging someone
Outright rejection
Ambiguous rejection
Retaliation- illegal

Employement law: 09-17-2012

CRA 64- Title V11
CRA 91
Compensatory damages : punative- Sex/Gender
Equal pay act
OWBPA- OLDER workers protection act – over 40
Conviction/ arrest :
Legal contraint: negligence hiring- come across info you could have searched like background check
Legal retention- finding out after hiring

Job vs job analysis
The collection of task duties and responsibilities that make up an assignement.
HR has 3 sets of responsibilities:
Work flow analysis study of how work moves thru the organization:- inputs_ activies_ outputs

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