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Case 2
6. five key principles of manager assistant assistant

* Planning: This step involves mapping out exactly how to achieve a particular goal. Say, for example, that the organization's goal is to improve company sales. The manager assistant first needs to decide which steps are necessary to accomplish that goal. These steps may include increasing advertising, inventory, and sales staff. These necessary steps are developed into a plan. When the plan is in place, the manager assistant can follow it to accomplish the goal of improving company sales.
* Organizing: After a plan is in place, a manager assistant needs to organize her team and materials according to her plan. Assigning work and granting authority are two important elements of organizing.
* Staffing: After a manager assistant discerns his area's needs, he may decide to beef up his staffing by recruiting, selecting, training, and developing employees. A manager assistant in a large organization often works with the company's human resources department to accomplish this goal.
* Leading: A manager assistant needs to do more than just plan, organize, and staff her team to achieve a goal. She must also lead. Leading involves motivating, communicating, guiding, and encouraging. It requires the manager assistant to coach, assist, and problem solve with employees.
* Controlling: After the other elements are in place, a manager assistant's job is not finished. He needs to continuously check results against goals and take any corrective actions necessary to make sure that his area's plans remain on track.

7. Job Analysis
* Observation Method: A job analyst observes an employee and records all his performed and non-performed task, fulfilled and un-fulfilled responsibilities and duties, methods, ways and skills used by him or her to perform various duties and his or her mental or emotional ability to handle challenges and risks. However, it seems one of the easiest methods to...

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