Date: March 13, 2016

To: Professor Mark Lawhorn

From: Bob Dylan

Subject: Educational Films Evaluation

As you requested, I have evaluated two educational films on the topic of Business Ethics.


In this film evaluation I will be analyzing two educational films. Both films are connected to business ethics and discusses the true transparency of the business world. The first film is called, Black Money. The film is a combination of interviews and dialogue covering how international bribery and under-the-table transactions between nations occur and why. One specific topic the film covers is the Saudi Arms Deal or Al Yamamah Contract between the United Kingdom, BAE Systems, Saudi Arabia, and the United States of America. The second film is called, Green Marketing: How Green Is It? This film investigates the topic of green washing, and how large companies are falsely promote themselves as green corporations. The film shows how companies abuse green marketing and play to the emotions of the consumer by deceiving and deluding their thinking.

The evaluation of the two films are based on the following four criteria:

• Content - organization, creativity, conciseness, information
• Technical Quality - video, audio, editing
• Program Appeal - topic, focus, stimulation
• Usefulness/Effectiveness - reliability, believability

The film rating will be based on the following scale:

​1-2: ​Poor
​3-4: ​Below Average
​5-6: ​Average
​7-8: ​Above Average
​9-10: ​Excellent


Black Money: The film "Black Money" is an attempt to inform the general public about the deceitful actions that go on behind closed doors between corporate and political giants in the international business realm. The film begins with a story about an $80 Billion dollar arms deal between the United Kingdom, BAE Systems, the United States of America, and Saudi Arabia. Throughout the film interviews are conducted with officials who...

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