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Page 3 => 1A. Leadership Reflections
Page 5=> A2A. Personal Leadership Strengths
Page 6 => A2B. Weaknesses
Page 6 => A2C. Recommendations
Page 7 => A2D. Short – Term Goals
Page 8=> Works Cited

1A. Leadership Reflections
Emotional Bank Account
An emotional bank account is essential in handling stresses that leaders are presented with on
a daily basis. I believe a leader cannot be content in managing and organization if he/she
cannot be content with managing themselves. The Seven – Habits profile assessment revealed
that I have a very good emotional bank account. A leader who possesses a good emotional bank
account with their subordinates has higher employee engagement and thus lower turnover
rates (Sinek, 2014). In the field, I have a tendency to constantly assess my associates job
satisfaction when I notice that there are concerns I work to correct them. My emotional bank
account is derived from my employment of transformational leadership in daily operations.
One of the key characteristics of the Transformational Leadership Theory is to recognize your
subordinates needs and concerns and to follow up on them.
Work/Life Balance
Work/Life Balance is critical for a leader to be effective. On the Seven – Habits Profile I scored in
the range of having good life balance. Efficient work/life balance allows a leader to function
efficiently in the field. Work/Life balance enables leaders also to manage and sustain working
relationships (Sinek, 2014). In essence positive work/life balance promotes charisma, in which
in turn promotes transformational leadership.
Be Proactive
Great leaders tend to be proactive. On the Seven – Habits Profile, I scored in the outstanding
range for being proactive. A high level of proactiveness is usually reflected from a
transformational leader. Transformational leaders take calculated risks to avoid from having to
“lead after the fact (Sinek, 2014).”
Begin with the End in Mind
Some of...

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