C200 Business Report

C200 Business Report

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´╗┐Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Table of Contents

Organization Overview 3
Organization Description 3
Leadership Practices 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture 6
SWOT Analysis 7
Organizational Strengths 7
Organizational Weaknesses 8
Organizational Opportunities 8
Organizational Threats 9
Leadership Evaluation 10
Leadership Strengths 10
Leadership Weaknesses 11
Recommendations for Leadership Development 11
References 13

Organization Overview

This section will provide a brief overview of the city department that provides electric service to the community and specifically take a look at the information technology (IT) department within City Utility. It will also briefly touch on the current culture within IT. The organization selected for this report has to be many things to many parts of its community and many times its reputation in the community it serves is publicly defined more by perception than reality. As the city of Austin, Texas continues grow rapidly as a technology boom town it suffers from an affordability crisis for most its citizens and the government that supports them. The new leader of the IT department has been selected for this report since she has recently been appointed to lead the work of the new department, does not possess a technology background, has only lead small work groups with a flat hierarchy but is expected to formulate and implement new aggressive innovative technology strategies in support of a new City Utility overall strategic business plan is being rolled out. It is expected that the development of this report will help the author through academic research better prepare the to assist the new IT leader in moving the organization forward.

Organization Description

Overview of City Utility
Started in 1895 as a department within the City of Austin Texas municipality, City Utility provides electric power services to more than 1 million ratepayers in the...

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