C200 Task 1

C200 Task 1

Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Assessment Code: C200
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Student ID: 000528262
Date: May 21, 2016
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Table of Contents
Organization Overview 3
Organization Description 3
Leadership Practices 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture 6
SWOT Analysis 8
Organizational Strengths 8
Organizational Weaknesses 9
Organizational Opportunities 10
Organizational Threats 11
Leadership Evaluation 12
Leadership Strengths 12
Leadership Weaknesses 14
Recommendations for Leadership Development 15
References 17

Organization Overview
The organization being analyzed is Humana at Home. Humana at Home is a subsidiary of the private health insurance provider, Humana, Inc. The specific focus of analysis will be on the care management portion of Humana at Home that is provided by a team of Personal Health Coaches. My team manager will be looked at for further leadership analysis. The reason I selected my team manager is the position is a fairly new, yet challenging role that has been evolving rapidly since the implementation of the Personal Health Coach position in 2014. Also, as I am currently working for this organization, there is a possibility I may one day attempt to apply for the team manager position and critically thinking about this role will better help me determine an appropriate career path.

Organization Description
Humana, Inc. was founded in 1961 and its headquarters is in Louisville, KY. Over the whole of the organization, Humana employs approximately 50,000 associates and has yearly revenues of approximately $48.5 billion. Humana, Inc. has approximately 14.5 million members in the United States and Puerto Rico (“Humana: Company Backgrounder”, 2015).
Humana at Home is a division of Humana, Inc. that caters to the 3.2 million Medicare members that Humana services. The primary focus of Humana at Home is to keep its Medicare members living a healthy life at their own homes,...

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