Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Everyday Cures for Stir Crazy Cabin Fever

Feeling a little blue? Getting out of a winter-induced funk can be a challenge, try something off this list of unusual "therapies" to rejuvenate your spirit and soul.

1. Tap into your creativity.
Creative arts therapies, like painting and drawing, have been shown to boost immunity in HIV/AIDS patients, and they've proven a positive outlet for patients in psychiatric rehab and adults dealing with bereavement. If it's good enough for professional therapy, it might just help you too. A new hobby gives you something you can focus your energy on. It can also help inspire you and lift your sadness," he says. So, you're thinking, you're no Picasso. No problem! Put paintbrush to canvas and just go for it. No one has to see your handiwork; it's just for you, babe.

2. Take some quiet time for you.
Maybe it's a morning ritual, like sipping your coffee and just gazing out the window, no TV, no talking. Or a walk in the park with no music, just the sounds around you. You could even try meditation for 10 minutes each day. I recommend spending some time to get in touch with your thoughts. Sit down with a pad and pen and take stock of how you want your life to go in the next year, or even in the next week, I want to stress that these are things for you, not for anyone else. It might be simple, like reading that book you bought a year ago, or big, like talking to your boss about a raise or new assignment. If you don't know where to start, try jotting down the five things that have bothered you in your life and how you might change them. It's a good process to get into to help organize your life. Just getting it down on paper will make you feel better.

3. Adopt a pet.
A lot of people recommend pets to help with depression. t gives you something to focus your emotions on in a positive way. Pets literally bring more life into your life and increase your energy. After all, who can be down about a few lousy pounds or a...

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