Campaign 2008

Campaign 2008

I believe John McCain should be President. He has been in Office for 26 years. Obama you can count how many years he has been in the Senate on one hand. McCain has served in our armed forces, been a POW, and understands not only how the military works in a time of war, but also understands that the middle class is who supports the pay of those in public office and also funds the entitlement programs that Obama wants to increase taxes for. McCain understands Health Care. Those that pay for healthcare should be entitled to a tax break. Just like those who receive it as a privilege get it through medicare, medicaid, and rx programs.

However Obama wants to make it equal. He wants those that don't pay anything to get Healthcare coverage that working people pay well over 500 dollars a month to get. And instead of creating a program where everyone gets it for free, I still have to pay the premiums and the copay, but at a reduced rate. Where is my incentive for working if those that don't work, who can work, get the coverage I still would have to pay for under Obama's plan? This is considered socialism. This will break our economy in 20 years because everyone would prefer not to work. This plan will end the middle class. It will become rich vs. poor. England has this healthplan. Guess what. They come to America for services if they can afford it. Russia is worse. You have billionares vs the folks.

Obama has risen so fast within the ranks of the Democrats. This has me concerned. What has he accomplished that would compare to McCains record? What has he learned in 2 years in the Senate that would make him equal to the status of John McCains experience. This reminds me of retail managers that job hop in order to get better pay rather than being with a company for 20 years and then getting promoted. John McCain has done this. Now the media and celebrities are being negative about Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is transparent and she is only the Vice President.

I still...

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