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Topic 1: Why is it necessary to learn English:

Nowadays, English has become the most international language which is spoken all over the world. It is the mother tongue of some 400 million people, and the second language of an equally large number of speakers. There are also an estimated 750 million people who learn English as a foreign language. There are variety reasons of the necessity of learning English.

Firstly, English is the international language of business. In order to discuss our country's products and services with other people as well as to entice investment from foreign lands, we must do so in English. To communicate our thoughts and ideas to other cultures, the best tool is English. Communication is our link to the outside world and, in turn, our chance at economic growth. Most leading countries in the world either speak English or have English as their second language. They are the countries that have the resources, technology and knowledge to help us grow.

Secondly, in the current competitive job market, it is necessary to speak English. All of most companies require their candidate having English capacity, beside of their major professional. So if you learn English you will have a better chance of getting a job that pays more.

Moreover, learn English will help you to communicate with relatives, in-laws or friends who speak a different language. English is also helpful if you are going to move to a different country because it is a “global language”. We are also invited to learn so much from English speakers. We can experience the foods of Ireland, the natural resources of Canada, the monuments of the U.S., the desert 'areas of Australia or the best fishing ports in New Zealand, just by talking with, these citizens. We, in turn, can also express our feelings and interests about Vietnam. The sharing of this kind of information is a bridge to long term friendships with people from all over the world.

In conclusion, learning English...

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