What Can We Do?

What Can We Do?

What Can We Do?

The world right now, to put it simply is messed up. We are sinful beings that can not be

changed by anything we do. We have sinful natures from birth and it shows by the state of our

world today. So much crime and corruption plagues not only where we live, but also our entire

country and planet. Sure, we don’t see it all the time, but no matter what, it’s there. My question

to you is what can we do? Is there something we can do? I’m here to tell you what I’m arguing,

I believe there IS something we can do.

The world is pretty messed up. Throughout our lives everyday, we see many examples

of corruption. From the news to people on the streets we see murders, swearing, and just an all

around lack of caring for other people. It’s rather sickening to think that people just don’t care

anymore. I mean, not everyone is like that, but a good majority of people are. People just have

a lack of respect for rules, morals, and the Bible. They may not know about the Bible and that’s

most of the problem right there. They have nothing to base their lives and actions on. They

have only what others have told them is right and wrong. It’s depressing really. Imagine you

were the only person in the world who cared. Imagine you had to change the whole world. It

would be


impossible. Luckily there are things we can do. We have the privilege of knowing what is truly

right and wrong. We have a chance.

We as christians have the awesome privilege of having a set of rules for healthy living.

God has clearly laid us out a set of guidelines in the Bible. We have a clear knowledge of right

and wrong. What does this mean? It means we need to share it! How will the rest of the world

know what is right and wrong without someone telling them? If some of your friends were going

out to eat one Saturday night and you were invited, would you...

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