What We Do When We Talk About Love... Raymond Carver

What We Do When We Talk About Love... Raymond Carver

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English 136-1
Spring 2010
Essay #2 (Draft/Revision)
Tuesday, 6 April

What We DO when we talk about Love

What do people really talk about when they talk about love? Many talk about the types of love or the types of people in the state of love. In What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, there are comments said about how men and women have internal differences when it comes to love in their lives. Always there seems to be pivotal love questions posed but never quite answered. Lastly, among the examples of tainted love, there is usually an example of love that unanimously is the example of true love. In the Raymond Carver written story Nick, Laura, Terri, and definitely Mel give their opinions on these topics. In an outside text there is a quote declaring, “Actions speak louder than words”. This has an almost literal meaning towards the end of Carver’s story, but as the two couples discuss love there are actions/comments made which show each lover’s true sentiments.

1st Bottle Action
Carver’s story action starts with, “The four of us were sitting around the kitchen table drinking gin. Sunlight filled the kitchen from the big window behind the sink. p.117” The story starts out with a light, good, warm feeling that engulfs the room, and the atmosphere is lively with the four casually drinking together. Each couple has their romantic moments together. For example on p.118, “Mel reached across the table and touched terri’s cheek with his fingers. He grinned at her.” For a man who is defined by thinking “real love is nothing less than spiritual love” (p.117), this act seems genuinely loving. Also, when Mel formally brings Laura and Nick into the conversation- “Does that sound like love to you? p.118”- the two show agreement in their responses. Nick answers by saying he doesn’t know the ‘particulars’ and ‘doesn’t know’. Laura, maybe as a supportive wife but most likely not due to her extra response, states that she knows nothing about the...

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