Case on Ford Motor

Case on Ford Motor

Comprehensive Case Analysis: Ford Motor Company

Prepared for
Ms.Bilkis Akhtar

Prepared by
MD.Anayet Hossan
Strategic management

* Company Overview
* Ford’s brief history
* Mission and Vision statement
* Current Objectives & Strategies
* New Mission and Vision
* External Assessment
* Industry Analysis
* Opportunities & Threats
* EFE Matrix
* Internal Assessment
* Strengths & Weaknesses
* Financial ratios
* IFE Matrix
* Strategy Formulation
* SWOT Matrix
* IE Matrix
* QSPM Matrix
* Strategic Plan for the Future
* Objectives
* Strategies
* Implementation

Ford Motor Company, one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, has worked with Penske on several Six Sigma initiatives. As its lead logistics provider (LLP), Penske's quality team of associates are trained in Six Sigma practices and work closely with Ford to streamline operations and create and maintain a more centralized logistics network. Together, they uncovered several areas for real cost savings as a result of reducing inbound carrier discrepancies, eliminating unnecessary premium costs and reducing shipment overages. Plus, Penske implemented accountability procedures and advanced logistics management technologies to gain more visibility of its overall supply network.

Ford is an American multinational automaker; it is situated in Dearborn in Michigan. The company usually sells automobiles together with light commercial vehicles under the brand of Ford and the luxury cars under the brand of Lincoln. In the past, the company also produced automobile components, tractors and trucks. The company also has some stakes in Aston Martin of United Kingdom and Mazda of Japan.

The company is controlled by Ford family, though they possess the least shares. The...

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