Ford Motors

Ford Motors

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A Case Study on How Ford Motor Company Withstood the Recession

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
in Industrial Engineering Elective 1:
Strategic Management

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Table of Contents
I. Title
II. Introduction
III. Background of the Study
a. History of the Ford Motor Company and its Marketing Strategies
b. Company Description
c. Ford Motor Company’s Mission and Vision Statements
IV. Internal and External Assessment
d. SWOT/ TOWS Analysis
e. PESTEL Analysis
f. Company Analysis
i. Industrial Analysis
ii. Competitors Analysis
iii. Customer Analysis
iv. Porter’s Five Forces Model
v. Marketing Strategies
g. Financial Status
V. Recommended Strategies
h. Strategic Management Model


Ford Motor Company is one of the leading Auto Manufacturer in the world. With over 100 years in the industry, they contributed a lot in their field and throughout the years, the company had faced difficulties which enabled them to improve their marketing strategy and they also developed their lines of products based on the preferences of the consumers.
These changes resulted positively. These optimistic outcomes became possible through the employment of Alan Mullaly, now the President and CEO of FMC, who foreseen the upcoming recession and decided to take a risk by selling most of the company’s assets including some of its brands.
FMC faced many criticisms especially from financial analysts and rivals who thought that the idea was not a smart move. But Mullaly never allowed those to stop him from his plan and pursued what he had decided instead.
As what they say, he made the right choice at the right time. FMC withstood the recession without the aid of the government, while some of its competitors declared bankruptcy and were forced to do what the FMC did: to sell their assets to be qualified to government’s...

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