A Persuasive Dramatic Monologue: Provide an oral presentation giving a likely point of view from the perspective of the specified character. You may provide information that is not provided in the handouts, but it must fit within the nature of the characters given.

1.Your child was recently involved in a media ‘prank’ and has been traumatised since. You have been offered the chance to give your view to the Minister of Mental Health. What do you have to say?
2.You are a media icon whose personal life has been exposed in tabloids and current affairs programmes. You are making a plea to the media and public to respect your privacy.
3.You are invited to be the keynote speaker to a local Secondary College about the recent role the media has played in subjecting private individuals to public ridicule. What do you have to say?

A Persuasive or Argumentative Talk: Provide a persuasive or argumentative talk in response to one of the following issues.

1.The media must take responsibility for what they report. Discuss.
2.The media is a law unto itself. Discuss.
3.The law should be tougher on the media and its participation in events that lead to criminal actions. Do you agree?
4.The media is never at fault. Discuss.
5.The Australian media is too invasive. Discuss.
6.The role of the media is to report news, no matter who it may hurt. Do you agree?
7.The Australian media has failed in its duty to report objectively on local and global news. Discuss.
8.The public's right to know is more important than an individual's right to privacy. Discuss.
9.The social media impacts upon an individual’s right to privacy. Discuss.

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