celta task

celta task

Answer the following in 3-4 sentences
What helped you personally to learn a new language and what could you take from this experience into teaching?
The first thing is to help students to overcome shyness so they could start speaking as soon as possible. Language learning should become a part of their daily routine. I would suggest spending at least 10 minutes per day on listening radio or watching videos in your target language; even if you understand only few words, it still boosts your progress. Use language learning online tools and mobile apps to practise your skills any time you can.

How would you get shy students talking in class?
The first goal is to create a safe classroom environment and to develop good relationship with students. I would remind all students that making mistakes is okay, and it is just a part of the real work. Encouraging work in small groups would help to pair a shy student with a more talkative classmate. I would create opportunities for a shy student to talk about his/her own interests and about what he/she likes.

How would you help students understand the meaning of new vocabulary items?
Visual aids and gestures should be used to relate things (actions) to words. It is helpful to provide sample sentences and collocations. I would also refer to what the students already know: e. g., components of compound words (flowerbed = flower + bed), synonyms (enormous – very big) and opposite words (awful – pleasant, nice).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of correcting students' mistakes?
The main benefit of error correction is better understanding of grammar and pronunciation rules by students. When this technique is treated positively, the students’ progress is rather rapid. The disadvantages include the problem with overcoming shyness and possible loss of self-confidence. Finally, correcting mistakes does not encourage student’s learning independence.

Look at the sentences below and try to rewrite them...

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