Changes of Childhood Activities

Changes of Childhood Activities

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Changes of childhood activities
Childhood is the most beautiful and happiest period in one’s life. When we stop and recall the childhood, we will find many activities in childhood are changed as time moves forward.
During the period of 1960s and 1970s, China had just stepped on the way of development and there were not too much facilities for kids. But the children had a lot of friends and they often had fun in the natural world. They were like climbing the trees for catching birds or catching fishes in the river. They ofthen dressed up like the Eighth Route Army and held a stick or a wooden gun made by parents to play the war games with all the kids around. The entertainments at that time were not abundant and a radio could tell stories or a black-and-white TV might be luxuries. For most kids, waiting for the film shower to come is the happiest thing. Grew up in that period, children’s dreams were usually simple just like to be a commander or a man like Lei Feng.

When it came to the 80s and 90s, children could have a different childhood. They often play games together like rubber-band-skipping, and they like to play cards much. A video game machine maybe the most treasured thing for boys. Just as the children’s games changed a lot, the entertainments became very rich. Children could listen to pop music with a recorder or watch cartoons like Clever Ikkyu on TV. Films were still loved much by children and a VCD or DVD could play the Kongfu movies would make a boy very proud. When asked what kind of person he wanted to be, the answer mostly is a scientist or a soldier from a boy and a teacher from a girl.

When the 21st century came, childhood had more changes as China develops so fast. Since many kids are alone in the family, they don’t have too many friends outside school and there are not enough suitable places for children to make games like before. So they often play with the electronic toys themselves or go to the zoo and amusement park with parents,...

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