chapter 3

chapter 3

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Final Exam CS561 – Fall 2013

An Example Diagram of tables and relationships for a possible craigslist database model I could imagine as a software developer and could present it as a following drawing:

Before I start to develop a database, there needs to be a lot of planning. The first question should be: What is the purpose of the database? I usually want to know, what do I want to be able to pull back out of the database. So I guess I work backwards from the reports to figure out what will need to be put in.
1. What is the purpose of the database
2. Who all will use the database
3. What will each type of user need to be able to do
- What reports does each user need
- What forms does each user need
- What transactions will each user need to document
4. Determine the tables that you will need
5. Determine the primary key fields
6. Determine all other fields that you will need in each table
7. Determine data types for each field
8. Determine field size for each field
9. Determine the relationship between the tables
10. Determine what fields will need to link the tables together
11. Remove any redundancy in the tables
Consequently, all this Process of developing a database should should go through strictly common concept mostly used in IT solution business world. The concept I have learnt through this class and other internet sources and books could be described as the following five steps I would undertake to develop a database for a car sale business:
Step I: Specify problem requirements (Identify Required Information)
Identify problem and data types to establish block file system and date entity relationship diagram.
Step II. Analysis – analyzing the problem involves identifying the problem's inputs, outputs, and additional requirements.
Step III. Design the algorithm to solve the problem.
Requires to develop a list of steps called on algorithm that solves the problem and then to verify the steps.

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