Chapter Summaries- Desert Flower

Chapter Summaries- Desert Flower

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Chapter 1- Running Away

Ø Ran Away from her dad
Ø Nearly got eaten by a lion
Ø Got raped by a man
Ø Killed the man in the truck with a rock
Ø Hitchhiked again
Ø Got a lift in a Mercedes

Chapter 2- Growing up with animals

Ø Had pet goat
Ø Raised cattle, sheep and goats
Ø Traveled, never stayed in one place more than 3-4 weeks.
Ø Waris home was a hut
Ø A big treat was a sack of rice
Ø Sister ran away
Ø Her mother had twins who died after birth
Ø Fathers friend raped Waris

Chapter 3- A Nomads Life

Ø Waris mama and father have 12 children
Ø Waris followed her mama into the desert one day and found her with other Somalia women.
Ø Waris father found a new wife about 17 years old.
Ø Waris and her brother and sisters tied her father’s new girlfriend by the ankles to a big tree.
Ø Her dad came home a day earlier and asked where her girl was, he finally found her tied to a tree.
Ø The girl was much nicer to everyone after this happened.

Chapter 4- Becoming a Woman

Ø Waris saw her sister get circumcised
Ø It was time for Waris to get circumcised now.
Ø Her mum woke her up early.
Ø Waris passed out when she got circumcised
Ø She woke up when it was finished
Ø Her legs were tied up and she was near the rock.
Ø Stayed in the hut by herself
Ø Her mum checked on her to see if she was healing
Ø Could now walk again
Ø Sewn up only a scar left

Chapter 5- Marriage Contract

Ø Found Waris a husband, it was an old man
Ø Slapped Waris across the face because she talked back to him
Ø Was going to sell Waris to an old man for five camels
Ø Told her mum she was going to run away
Ø Her mum woke her up early, Waris ran away
Ø Waris said that she would come back for her mum
Ø She ran away because she didn’t want to marry the old man

Chapter 6- On the Road

Ø The man in the Mercedes pulled over and said this is as far as we are going
Ø Waris kept walking
Ø Truck pulled over and gave Waris a lift to Galcaio
Ø One of Waris...

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