Chew On This

Chew On This

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Ms. Wilson
Tristen Ferguson
English 3
Internet Negatives
The way humans use the internet can be a very successful choice or it can harm your body in very negative ways. It can be a life changing decision both positively and negatively. The thought and creation of the internet has changed the way the entire planet functions, Yet again positively and negatively. The internet has changed people to think they need it in their everyday life, When honestly the internet just makes it seem that way. You don’t get any physical benefit out of it but there could be arguments made that it nurtures the brain. Which will be discussed later in this article. There are several or thousands of articles explaining the positives and negatives of internet usage, however this article is going to embark on the negative aspects of the internet and how it should and shouldn't be used.

The internet believe it or not can actually cause diseases, such as (CIU) Or compulsive internet use. Which Is when a human cannot stop using the internet, reduce or at least minimize the usage. The internet can eventually lead to undesirable outcomes such as, Loneliness and even depression. The way these can be shown are through the symptoms they show. such as the subject actually states that they have an internet problem or if they say that they are on the internet to an extended period of time. Or if the person seems to lose their track of time or if other people can notice it. Such use can cause limited face to face contact. Research shows that people with anxiety issues seem to benefit using the internet but of course to use the internet with caution and not use it at excessive periods of time.

The World Wide Web can cause physical impediments as well. Such problems are, Arthritis but this is caused over a long period of time and use mainly everyday all day. The internet can also cause lower body problems such as in your knees. Osgood Schlatters disease is an example...

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