Child and Adolescent Development essay

Child and Adolescent Development essay

Part I: Child and Adolescent Development: Definition and Principles

Child refers to someone that is not yet of age and who is not yet legally responsible for his or her own action while adolescent is referring to somebody who has reached puberty but is not yet an adult.

Part II: Who is the child and adolescent learner?

a. Definition of childhood and Adolescent

Childhood is the state of being a child or the period of somebody’s life when he or she is a child. It also refers to the early period or stage in the development or existence of something. It signify the time of innocence where one is not yet responsible for his or her own action and still dependent in his own environment. Whereas the Adolescence refers to a time preceding adulthood. In addition, it refers to a stage or development of something where he or she experiences a lot of changes physically and emotionally.

b. The rights of children and young persons.

To understand and help children more better, it is important for everyone especially the parents as well as the teachers and likewise the government to consider a lot of the children or young person’s rights without distinction as to legitimacy or illegitimacy, sex, social, status, religion, political antecedents, and other factors and necessities. These rights may include the right to be born; to have a name and nationality; family; peaceful community/environment; enough food, healthy; active body; good education, etc.

c. The situation of Filipino Children and young persons.

It is sad to say that it is complicated to ensure such rights if some conflicts occur. One example is the condition of the children and youngsters in the Philippines. It was surveyed that almost half of the populations in the Philippines are children. This situation made difficult for the Philippine government to accomplish their task in providing Filipino children with enough resources to be able to ensure their rights. Fortunately, lots of...

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