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childcare centres may actually assist children in their early learning. They crave play in a structured environment that let’s them learn how to interact, negotiate roles, stimulate their imagination and practice important language skills.   Quality childcare can give children advantages when entering kindergarten that staying home cannot. Childcare can offer children the benefit of a structured environment with planned activities, social skills such as sharing, respect for others, handling conflict, they give children an opprtunity to mix with others and to develop social skills at an early age. indeed, a whole range of learning occurs in childcare centres.keeping in mind these things I decide to be a early childhood teacher so did my studie. After completing I got the job in one of the childcare centre “Little Einstein Early Learning Center” which is located in North Strathfield .

I get to go to preschool today, My friends are there as well!   We play all day and have some snacks, And bring a toy for show-and-tell!   I can paint a picture for my mom,
Pretend or build with blocks.   Have a puppet show or look at books,
Do a puzzle or go on nature walks!   My teacher is so very nice,
We learn so many things each day!   I get to be the class helper
I just love preschool, Can I stay?

Walking in to the house, there is the distinct smell of fresh baked cookies.   The house is large and open.   The living room has a tent set up in the corner, filled with pillows, stuffed animals, and a basket of books.   There are toys seemingly everywhere yet organized so thoroughly, they are a part of the décor.   With the living room to the right of the door, dining room to the left, and the kitchen beyond the dining room, the house flows smoothly and has a relaxed atmosphere

There is a large paved area with a small table and chairs off to the side.   Scattered haphazardly are various riding toys, wagons, balls, and sidewalk chalk.   To the left, a chain link fence...

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