Children's Christmas Story

Children's Christmas Story

Children’s Christmas Story

Long ago, in a vast land of white, elves of all shapes and sizes hurriedly worked in preparation for Christmas Eve, which was one hour away. The perky elves scurried, labored, and shrieked of excitement, anxious for the smile that Santa bore when he was pleased with the gifts. Soon enough, all the elves sang Christmas carols in unison, despite the thunderous drone coming from the far-off side of the massive workplace. Now here is where the story begins-
The engine roared to life, sounding fine and sturdy. Nyssa sighed in relief, glad that her effort was over and she could have fun with the other elves. She slowly rolled out from beneath the sleigh, careful not to knock her head like the last time she fixed the engine. But due to her tall figure, that was a difficult task. After a minute, Nyssa stood upright and patted the dirt off of her worn-out green trousers her best friend gave her two years ago, along with her ring. Nyssa put her hand to her face and examined the precious ring. It was silver with red and green strips and a beautiful diamond on it.
“What a beautiful ring,” said a voice in the dark.
Nyssa twirled around to see Rudolph gnawing at some carrots, obviously consuming more nutrition than usual for the long flight ahead with Santa. Rudolph was a normal sized reindeer, with light brown fur and strong antlers. The only thing that separated him from the rest was is bright red shiny nose.
“Why, thank you Rudolph.” Nyssa replied. She held the ring closer to the moonlight, admiring its glow. Suddenly, the ring slipped off her finger and scattered underneath the sleigh. Nyssa sighed in exhaustion and went under the sleigh once again in search of her ring.

“Rudolph, would you be a dear and shine light for me under here? All I can see is darkness,’ Yelled out Nyssa.

“Sure-“ Rudolph was cut off by the familiar sound of stomping boots.

‘Ho, ho, ho! Read to go?” said jolly old Santa....

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