Children Eating Healthy

Children Eating Healthy

Activity Plan

Date: August 22, 2011 Teacher’s Name: Lisa Gunn Unit: All About Me

Activity Name: Hand Washing Plan Area (s): Science
Daily Schedule: __X__Large Group_____ Small Group_____Individualization _____Center

Concept (s) Learn the Routine for Hand washing
Activity Outcome/Objective/ELG: Should be measurable (with first word being objective term)
Upon completion of the task, the child (ren) will
___ of___will 1. Learn healthy habits of washing hands. ELG: 4:3.1
___of ___did
___of___will 2. Follow proper hand washing procedures. ELG: 4:3.1

Material Needed: List materials to be used to carry out the activity:

Bathroom with a sink, running water hot and cold, soap, and paper towels.

Process: Describe in numerical order, how the activity will be accomplished. Start the process with and introduction (concept) then each statement with the “Teacher will,” “Children will,” or “Teacher and Children will.” Must encompass the objectives and address what the teacher is looking for as a possible response.

1. The teacher will introduce to the children how important it is to wash hands.
2. The teacher will go over the hand washing procedures with the children.
a. Turn water on (warm water)
b. Wet hands
c. Apply soap
d. Scrubs for at least 20 seconds (Sing “This is the Way We Wet Our Hands – tune: Mulberry Brush)
e. Rinse hands
f. Dry with paper towel
g. Cut water off with paper towel
h. Discard paper towel
3. The teacher will teach the song “This is the Way We Wet Our Hands” to the children.

This is the way we wet our hands,
Wet our hands, wet our hands.
This is the way we wet our hands,
When we’re killing germs.

Repeat, using the following verses:
This is the way we rub with soap
This is the way we rinse our hands.
This is the way we dry our hands.

4. The teacher will go to...

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