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Global Business Cultural Analysis of China

Tony Scott

Liberty University


China has developed as one of the global leaders in today’s economy. Many international companies are willing to do business with China. The Chinese culture began to transform after government restrictions enabled the country to participant in the free trade market. This paper will examine some of the major elements in the Chinese culture, provide a basis for how these major elements are affected by local businesses, existing differences with the United States. This paper will also address the corruption that exists in China in global business. Although, China has various international trading partners, there are a few United States concerns in conducting business in China that can delay business in China. Knowledge, understanding, and adjusting to the Chinese culture and their system of handling business are a serious element for achievement in China.

Global Business Cultural Analysis of China
China has an overwhelming impact on how that nation does business internationally. In most countries, there are some restrictions applied when doing business in that country. Over the last few decades, reduced government restrictions for entry into an open market help China’s economic growth. Conducting business in another country requires extensive research, a lot of perseverance, and a cast amount of cultural learning. Foreign companies wanting to conduct business in China must be willing to learn the major cultural essentials in order to obtain a business relationship. By focusing on the major key elements such as demographic, communication, language, religion, education and business etiquette, a country can seal a business deal with China more smoothly. In this paper, four key questions will be addressed concerning China’s business relationships: What are the major elements and...

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