Doing Business in China
Nordic Centre Summer Course 2014
Shanghai, China, 27 June – 10 July, 2014

欢迎 Welcome
to the Nordic Centre Summer Courses in Shanghai!
The Nordic Centre Summer Course “Doing Business in China” is an intensive two-weeks course for
MA-level students. The course is designed to provide Nordic students with an opportunity to gain
insight into the exciting and ever-changing business world in China. The course design includes
both an academic and a practical hands-on approach to business life in China. “Doing Business in
China” is intended for students with little or no previous knowledge about China.

In this brochure you can
read about
• Course content and credits
• Application procedure
• Accommodation in Shanghai
• Nordic Centre
• Fudan University

Nordic Centre Summer Course 2014

Doing Business in China
Whether you are interested in China for work, further studies or simply because of a general interest in a
country of growing global importance, Doing Business in China has much to offer you. You will have an
opportunity to gain knowledge from both Nordic and Chinese teachers, exchange ideas with representatives
from the Nordic business community in China as well as visit Nordic companies in the Shanghai-region.

2013 Students’ Comments
“Don‘t miss out! This has been one of
the most exciting and knowledgegiving courses I have ever
participated in.”
Michael Kristensen, Aalborg University

“Great lectures, interesting subjects
and fantastic people.”
Thomas Nissen, University of Aarhus

Chen Yinzhang
Executive Director

Natalie Wheeler
Programme Manager

Course Content and Student Assignments
Period: 27 June-10 July 2014
Level: Graduate
Participation fee: RMB 800
The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the basic principles of
doing business in China. These include a framework for understanding
China, the local business culture, business-government...

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