Chunk of Change

Chunk of Change


Parents…are you making your kids fat? Are you literally killing them with Happy Meals? Has your child asked to audition for “Biggest Loser?” Do you have to break the bank to buy salads? If so…you need to wake up and smell the Starbucks coffee. You are contributing to your child’s possible early demise, and guess what?...America is helping you!

Why blame the parents? Do you really have to ask? Let me ask you a few questions…1. Who is responsible for driving to the store to buy groceries? Answer: Parents 2. Who pays for the groceries? Answer: Parents 3. Who cooks the meals? Answer: Parents 4. Who is the biggest influence on young children? Answer: Parents

Okay, okay there will be some people who say that parents can’t be with their child 24 hrs. a day so we must blame something else. So let’s take the media for example. Have you ever noticed that the cereal with the most sugar has the brightest packaging and is put on the lowest shelves for little people to see? Have you ever noticed that all cartoons advertise junk food? What about those Happy Meals? Ever notice how those toys and boxes are so enticing to kids? Well along with the toy comes a lot of fat and carbohydrates and sugar. So are they to blame for the chubby little ones?

Okay…some will say that people can turn off their television, so you can’t blame the media. Well that moves me to my next point…Let’s blame America! One might ask “why blame the Good ol Red White and Blue?” or you could make the point that Uncle Sam wasn’t fat. All of these questions are valid, except for a few points. First of all, our portions are HUGE! There is even a diet book about eating like the French do to lose weight. I mean they cook with all this butter and wine, yet they are very healthy. Why??? Because they eat small portions. Their motto is that if it’s bigger than your fist, then it’s too big. Also, other cultures walk way more than Americans....

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