Circular Screen Feeder in Hongxing for Sale

Circular Screen Feeder in Hongxing for Sale

Circular screen feeder has become the indispensable introduction material handling equipment the circular sieve type to development status of machine. And in my hospital design SWA19 series as an example. This paper introduces working principle of circular screen feeder and should be paid attention to in the design Questions. Circular screen feeder structure as shown in Figure L. Raw materials are one of the key mechanical pretreatment for clay, fly ash and stone gangue materials mixing, homogenizing, dosing, compaction and plasticized processing.

It mainly consists of a collection of main drive system, disc, extrusion mixing components and water supply system, its working process is driven by the motor driving the main drive reducer. The extruding arm rotating. Extrusion arm and extruding the raw materials from the sieve sieve. Being squeezed out of the raw materials of free fall in the collection plate. Through the small gear collection disc raw materials will be transported to the unloading point rotation. The extruder feed opening higher stirring device. Rotary opening sieve plate support device for disk sieve type feeding. Machine equipped with the vibtating feeder plate repair and cleaning is easy to support device standard.

This configuration can make the work smoothly. Has long service life and low repair cost g. collecting disk protection device. This is a simple structure, but it can improve the quality of products and reducing device repair trouble. Previous disk sieve type feeder stop once. The material barrel and the pores will always have a small amount of raw materials, scrap will soon become hard, cause a series of problems. Can be reversed and replacement of the sieve plate side wear.

Can be rotated 180, working with the other side. This design can save the cost of 3O%. Large planetary reducer reducer is in large power and suspension installation of mechanical transmission conditions of choice in order to make the extrusion mixing arm...

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