How About Structural Features of Circular Vibrating Screen

How About Structural Features of Circular Vibrating Screen

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We have talked about the working process of the circular vibrating screen before, so I consider that most of us may all know something about it. But have you ever known the structure about the circular vibrating screen? and what about its features?

The structure of circular vibrating screen, who is also called vibrating screen is in the following: it mainly consists of screen box, vibrator, hanging (or supporting) device and motor, etc.Motor through the v belt, drive vibrator of spindle, due to the vibrator unbalance weight on the centrifugal force effect, make the vibrating screen box.Change the vibrator eccentric, different amplitudes can be obtained.

The main features of the circular vibrating screen are in the following: Ring groove rivet connection, advanced structure, strong and durable;Use tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation; Mining sieve beam and screen box adopts high strength bolt, simple structure, convenient maintenance; Advanced structure, using eccentric block as the exciting force, excitation power, low power consumption, low noise;Using small amplitude, high frequency, large dip Angle structure, to maximize the machine high screening efficiency, processing;Vibrator with large clearance of bearing, thin oil lubrication, low noise, long service life.The other components strong commonality, easy maintenance; A variety of auxiliary configuration screen, screen more understanding of customers personalized needs, to meet the needs of different industries, to achieve the best screening.

Drivers sieve machine of the circular vibrating screen adopts simple structure, easy manufacturing maintenance of disc coupling and flexible coupling, it overcomes the defect of universal coupling easy to damage;Vibrator used piece of eccentric structure, the structure is simple;Can choose to form a complete set of container, the application of the feeding box increase effective screening area of vibrating screen, lengthen the service life of the...

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