Cloudstreet Creative Essay

Cloudstreet Creative Essay

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‘Haaaah! The Waaaater!’
‘Calm down Fish’
‘I looooove the waaater!’
‘Yes, I know Fish, put this on.’
He looks like a bloody buoy himself with that belt of a thing on. They think it’s best for him though, making him unsinkable, tie him to his seat. I guess they don’t know any better.

Look at him down there, leaning over the edge of the boat, as if just dying to dive in under the ripples, explore more of the world he’d only tasted all those many years ago. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was just a young child, fascinated by his own reflection, in the deep, dark, mystified water.
The other, older boy is still looking nervous. A part of him thinks it’s a mistake to have brought the slow boy out here, but he knows that this is exactly what he needs.

‘You remember what happened to you in the water, at Margaret?’ the older one asks.
Of course he remembers how could he not. All his life he’s remembered, and all of his next life he will but there is no way that he’d let on now, not when he’s so close.
I remember alright. Out in the deep, deep. So much net and I kicked and kicked. But all of a sudden there was a tunnel… and a bizarre feeling. I wanted to learn more, see more; but then, I was gone.
‘A story?’ the slow boy asks.

Suddenly their conversation is interrupted by a crying sound.
It’s the girl! The one from next door that loved me first! I knew you’d always love me, Rose.
They moved the boat along the wall of the banks so they wouldn’t disturb the girl. Quick still didn’t know who it was and as they got closer, the sobbing got louder. Fish was being completely still lying down in between the cold, half eaten pies. It’s like he knows, like the puzzle is finally fitting together.
As Quick called up to her she scrambled to her feet, frightened by the sudden noise and realization of someone being there. She looked like she’d just seen a ghost.
Looking down at Fish, up and smiling like a...

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