Codell Raji, Esme. Educating Esme. Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Jim Trelease, 1999.

Codell Raji, Esme. Educating Esme. Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Jim Trelease, 1999.

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The book educating Esme by Esme Raji Codell is about a teacher who wants to make life easier for the children she teaches. This is her first year of teaching. She studied under ismene for years. She thought Esme a lot of teaching styles. The main point of this book is a teacher who wants to make learning fun for her students. The students come from abusive parents, gang members’ neighbor hoods.

Esme was twenty-four years when she was hired at the new elementary. She was hired by Mr. Turner. She politely argue about what she would be called. “Well, I think we’ll call you Mrs. Cordell “. Page (6) “You can call me what you like, but we will see what name I answer to.” Mr. Turner would call Esme in the middle of the night to see what her opinion is. He did it for a couple nights. “Oooh! Did I wake you up?” At meeting she would come up with proposals for school activities. She came up with “fairy tale fashion show, emperor’s new clothes, carnival games like: ugly duckling match, Tree Billy Goats gruff toss. And a bake sale/ book sale.” They didn’t want to do her ideas.

The begging of the school the students walk in her class room. She began to talk to the students trying to act like she can be really mean, but she was just acting like that so she can have control of her class room. She had numbered apples on the desk were the students will be assigned. She set up a class room library for the students in her class because she didn’t like reading textbooks so why do the children have to read them. She well have the library as long as the children don’t still any of the books. One student stole a comic book from her, so she putt all the books in her closet and keep them in there until she got the book back. It was days until she got the book back. She stays with her teaching methods. The children got the books back.

Esme has been such a good teacher to her students. She has token them on filed trips to a university science fair for children. She has bought...

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