Cognnitive Theories

Cognnitive Theories

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Cognitive theories

Cognitive theories are a study of the age-related changes referring to perceiving what people remember, and how they can solve problems, how they reason, and how they understand. Most often the studies are done in infants, young children as well as adolescents. The studies are also done in aging adults that are recovering from brain damage. Cognitive theories started being studied back in the 1890s with James Mark and Alfred Binet (Net Industries, 2003). The research has provided a large amount of insight into the organized knowledge systems and the development and it has showed insights to the improving human development but mostly in the education.

Jean Paget’s theory states that there are four stages that children go through as they develop. His there is saying that children will organize their thoughts in order to adapt to the world and organize their life experiences. Jean Piaget theories have helped change the way people think about how the development of children’s brains and minds work. As well as how children learn (Santrock, 2011).

Social cognitive theory states that a person’s behavior, along with the type of environment a person has grown up in and their cognition all have to do with their development. It is based on watching others and then doing what they did, is how a person learns (Santrock, 2011). When a person can control their success is just one example of these three elements.
Ethological theory states that our behavior comes from the biology and is connected to the evolution which is critical and sensitive periods of the time that certain types of experiences will have a lasting impression on people. If a child has a positive experience through the first year with their mother or caregivers then they will have a positive experience for the rest of their life.

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