Coke's Financial Analysis

Coke's Financial Analysis

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The purpose of this analysis is to give an overview of the chosen company, which is Coca-Cola. It will also give a brief synopsis of internal and external components that Coke faces such as strength, weakness, opportunities and threats which could have an adverse impact on the company’s market share.
Coca-Cola is a soft drink that is sold in more than 200 countries around the world. Originally Coca-Cola was intended as a patent medicine when Dr. John Pemberton invented it in the late 19th century. Today the company produces concentrate syrup, which is then sold to licensed Coca-Cola bottlers throughout the world. The Coca-Cola Company became Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc (CCE) in 1986 by combining with company owned bottlers. In 2009, 34% of CCE common stock was owned by the Coca-Company. As the worlds largest Coca-Cola bottler company, CCE drew its income from marketing, producing, and distributing non-alcoholic beverages that represent approximately 16% of total Coca-Cola volume worldwide. The company serves more than 420 million consumers around the world.
Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
2500 Windy Ridge Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339, USA
Telephone: (678) 260-3000
Web site:
Public Company
Incorporated: 1892
Stock Exchange: CCE
Ticker Symbol: CCE

• It is largely liked by consumers because of its strong refreshing taste and above all it’s availability and accessible and within reach of consumers at large. Large scale operations
• Another strength is it’s price; the price is with reach of the consumer and they can consume the quantity they want with less burden on their pockets.
• Packaging is a feature that adds value; it’s available in all sizes for ex. 500ml, 2 liters, and 2.5liters so that one can enjoy the drink in the size,...

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