Colgate Palmolive Case Analysis

Colgate Palmolive Case Analysis

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Exe PGP IIM Indore, 2008-10

Situation Analysis
1. The Industry
Oral health care industry, need is to prevent teeth and gum diseases and to deliver cosmetic benefits.
2. Competitors:
Oral-B, owned by Gillette, Johnson and Johnson, Procter and Gamble, Smithkline Beecham, Lever, Pfizer, and Sunstar.
3. Consumer Behaviour
• Consumers were now better informed about the benefits of toothbrushes and focussed on cavity prevention, but also on the health of their gums, their oral hygiene, and their cosmetic appearance.
• This lead to the development and addition of the super-premium product class. Consumers began to purchase toothbrushes based on the specific benefits each toothbrush and company had to offer.
• In most cases consumers only need two to three toothbrushes a year. 65% of consumers had more than one toothbrush, 24% kept a toothbrush at work, and 54% had a special toothbrush for travelling”.
• Three groups of brushers:
o Therapeutic brushers are concerned with oral care problems. They brush to prevent disease or other oral health risks, and “search out functionally effective products.”
o Cosmetic brushers are concerned with bad breath and their appearance, and “search for products that effectively deliver cosmetic benefits.”
o Uninvolved brushers “view all products the same and lack interest in this product category”.
CP – Precision toothbrush – Steinberg’s marketing mix
1. Product
Colgate Palmolive’s mission was to “develop a superior, technical, plaque-removing device”.
Colgate-Palmolive referred to the toothbrush as a “technical innovation, because researchers used infrared motion analysis to track consumers’ brushing movements and consequent levels of plaque removal”.
The main design of the product...

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