Communication in Health and Social Care

Communication in Health and Social Care

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Communication in Health and Social Care
Communication is a process by which people exchanging information, thoughts, emotions, and feelings through verbal and non verbal communications. Verbal communication is like a speech, text, email etc and it can also be defined as forms of communication that uses words. Non verbal communication means that someone conveys their message through face expressions, gesture, emotions etc and it can also be defined as forms of communication that do not uses words, such as body language. Health and social care professionals must develop good effective communication skills because it helps them to perform their role smartly. It is also important for health care workers and service users to develop good relationships between them because the service users may be come from different culture, religion or background so worker should have a holistic point of view and not judge. (Malone, 2005)

It is very important to have good communication skills between the service users and the staffs because good communication and interpersonal skills is very important for the practice of effective health and social care. Effective communication plays an important role to work in health and social care professionals because it make easy for people to talk openly, and ask some questions and obtain relevant information about the matter that might be personal or very sensitive. It also helps the health care professionals to get the appropriate information about a person’s problem, symptoms and other concern related to disease. There are different approaches for communication such as 1, humanistic 2, behavioural 3, and cognitive 4, psychoanalytical and 5, social. These theories are helpful to develop some techniques which are useful in the sector of health and social care. The Humanistic theory is applicable in situation of self actualization, self concept,...

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