Company description

Company description

I. Company description
a. Company history
Tourism figures show that in Paris, Asian tourists spend more than any part of the world. In 2013, there has been a 5% raise in the tourism sector mostly due to the 12.9% coming from the Asian market. We wanted to target this industry as Jeong-Min has a deep knowledge and understanding of the buying behavior and desires of this part of the population. High net worth individuals in Asia are very demanding and are willing to spend a lot on high end services. Seeing that the photo shoot tour market in Paris was in its development phase and that no or few competitors existed, we decided to create Pics’Up.

b. Mission statement
The main market we are aiming are north-eastern asian tourists. We propose high end photo shooting tours in Paris along with services including chauffeur, make up and hair artist. We pay attention to all the desires and needs of the exigent asian tourists. We distinguish ourselves from others with traditional costume rental and city guide throughout the photo shoot.
c. Vision statement / Company Objectives

We want to reach sustainable growth as soon as possible. We think that on a financial aspect, we can reach break-even point, one year after getting our first customer. Within five years we want to offer the same service in at least two additional cities: London and Rome. Before reaching 7 years, once we become a renowned business and get a significant customer database; we also want to offer packages including business or first class direct flights to Paris with four or five star hotels as a package.

d. Current status
The company is in the middle of writing the business plan. We have completed the feasability analysis. The results showed that this idea is feasible with some adjustments to make in order to grow. The management team has been decided and our offices have also been...

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