Comparing Cloth Diapers and Disposible Diapers

Comparing Cloth Diapers and Disposible Diapers

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Differences between pre fold cloth diapers and microfiber disposable diapers
Naomi Gallardo
University of Phoenix

Differences between pre fold cloth diapers and microfiber disposable diapers
Cloth diapers and microfiber disposable diapers may seem to be almost identical besides the fact that of the different material, but in reality these two don’t have many things in common. Although, these two different types of diapers are used for the same purpose, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same. When the consumers are making the easy decision of buying diapers, they should consider learning a little bit more about the products they are buying. Whether consumers bypass the differences or ignore them at all, the final decision will be taken on what fits their needs and expenses the best.
Most mothers seem to think that cloth diapers are too complicated and are old fashioned, right? Well if these mothers took the time to research the cloth diapers just a bit more, maybe they would find more reasons to use pre fold cloth diapers for their babies. Cloth diapers are made from a very soft cotton material that is very comfortable on the baby’s skin. The soft material soothes the baby’s bottom and usually babies do not have an allergic reaction to them. The diapers are eco friendly which is good for the environment and they will stay in good condition for a long time. Cloth diapers are reusable and also are very inexpensive, therefore, for low budget families this is a good option to consider. The comfy diapers allow babies to move freely without any hassles. Although, the cloth diapers are an excellent choice, they have couple downfalls for using them. They are very high maintenance and have to be washed on a daily basis or at the latest every other day, to reduce stains from the spoiled diapers and odor that can penetrate them for long periods of time. In between the time of washing...

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