Comparitive and Constrast

Comparitive and Constrast

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Comparison and contrast
The differences between being married and being single

Ms. Vania Wynter
English Composition 1
February 23, 2009

“Why some people prefer to be single than being married and vice versa”? This is the most interesting question within my circle of friends; however having the awareness now that as interesting a question though it may seem, it is also a logically query that resonates among many of us females. As a person who has been on either sides at one time or another I can only give my friends some comparisons as well as the contrast as to why I enjoyed being married verse my finding the enjoyment of being single. While married I find that it had positively fulfilled my sexual desires, needs and wants while being single afforded me my freedom to explore who I am as a person. Marriages are a work of art if both individuals are in agreement with what it is they both want; while being single is a decision base on many difference variables, whether it dues to lack of social skills within the dating scene, not having the time due to being focused on building a career, or the relative scarcity of the opposite sex and the fact that most women don’t want to put up with a man’s antics, either way both has its ups and downs.

In contrast to being single, being married has a lot of positives, the partnership between and man and a woman with an aim to maximize and complement the love and respect that they may find in each other. The complementary can be the prime factors or gain within a marriage whether it’s a clear directive of having children, having a good health sexual relationship or just the purest pleasure of a strong intimacy; these are terms of a mutual love and companionship.

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