Conflict Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds

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A Decade Long War

In today’s society we are uncertain and do not have answers for many things in

life. We have reached a point where we look for an answer in the weirdest places when

all we would have to do is look right in front of us for the answer. In my opinion a fight

to change the future is a future that needs to be changed. What reasons do we change and

how far do we go until we decide we need a change? In the case of Sierra Leone when

there was an issue with conflict diamonds back in the late 1990’s how long did it take

before the issue was changed for the better and what was the economic effect in the


In the African country called Sierra Leone there was an up rise in war within their

country among their own people. This is what is called a civil war. A civil war is a war

between political faction or regions within the same country. On a daily basis there were

individuals that were dying in the hundreds on a daily basis. In my opinion, I would

classify this as genocide. Genocide is when there is a deliberate and systematic

extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. With the slaughter of many

African people over the diamonds through war and conflict, Sierra Leone’s economy

plummeted drastically. As of 1998 Sierra Leone was officially named the poorest country

in the world.

Over the years Sierra Leone lost over half 1/3 of their population. To be exact two

million individuals lost their lives. The effect this had on the people of Sierra Leone was

devastating both adults and children were shown no mercy. When Joseph Mamoh, a

military leader, was elected president of Sierra Leone his main goal was to gain control of

the diamond industry. The economy of Sierra Leone became so bad that there was no

longer food to eat on a daily basis especially in some war torn cities, and their money was

getting weaker. As of 1999 when the UN...

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