Construction Features of a Website

Construction Features of a Website

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M1 – Use of Construction Features


IKEA use a feature of hyperlinks at the top it has a navigation bars, the navigation bar are have corporate colours (yellow and blue) the navigation bars helps people to navigate around the page by clicking on the hyperlinks, also there are hotspots which are basically pictures but when you click on it they link you other pages they are like hyperlinks. The frames of the website are suitable because it has the navigation bar so everything is linked together which helps to see and access the website.


Habitat also uses hyperlinks this helps people to navigate around the page. There are hyperlinks and hotspots in this website as well it is slightly different from IKEA the only thing with this is that it has moving hotspots like a slideshow. The layout of the website is different because it uses animation. The main purpose of the font size because it is not to big and not to small.

BBC News

The BBC News website appeals to people because it has red/maroon frame this stands out from the rest of the website because it such a vibrant colour, the red/maroon colour is also the corporate colour for the website. The website has hyperlinks to help people access information. It has hotspots to help people access information but the only difference with hotspots is that it is a picture not written text.

Bite size

In the Bitesize website there are several types of navigations like hyperlinks and hotspots. The hotspots are pictures that act like hyperlink this give the website a more attractive look. The colour of the website is orange and yellow this is also called corporate colour. The hyperlinks of the website are the same as one of the colours of the corporate colour. These hyperlinks allow people to access information and to go into another website. This website is interactive because it has a login page which lets people access the page properly.
M2 – Improvements


This website can be...

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