Convergence of Infrastructure and Net Communications:

Convergence of Infrastructure and Net Communications:

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COM1001 Career Development Plan Template

Overview and Purpose

Creating a solid plan will help you to achieve your career goals. This Career Development Plan Template (CDP Template) has been designed to work hand-in-hand with your weekly unit studies to help you create a solid career plan. You will work on this document each week, adding to it and polishing it as you go. The first half of the document (sections A−E) focus on career related information. The second half (section F) is a debrief and reflection log, which will serve as a journal for your career-planning experience, allowing you to process the information you have learned each week.

Remember that creating a career development plan is a long-term process. This is a document that will keep evolving over time. Even after you have completed this course, be sure to keep your plan accessible for regular review and updates. Whenever you find yourself questioning what you are doing, you can look at it and remind yourself of what you have set out to achieve. It will also help you monitor your progress and growth over time

Personalized Career Development Plan Instructions (correlate with units 1–5 studies, discussions, and assignments)

• Complete Section F-1 Debrief and Reflect at the end of Unit 1; complete Section F-2 at the end of Unit 2, and so on.
• Complete Section A during Unit 1. Complete Section B during Unit 2, and so on.
• By the end of Unit 5, you will have completed all of the numbered items using the unit studies, discussions, and assignments that appropriately guide them.
• The items not numbered can be completed later as your goals are progressing and your plan is implemented. (You will not do them during this five-week class.)

|Sections A and B: Information for Resume, Social Network |
|Profile, and Job Applications...

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