net 420

net 420

Eric Stone
Week 3


In this week’s Assignment, I am going to briefly explain and describe the five network management categories that make up the FCAPS. They all have an important role and figure within the network management team, and they all know what to do and what their job description is based on the problem that happens and occurs within the company. So let’s start off with, there are five network management categories within the FCAPS, you must know:

* Fault Management

* Configuration Management

* Accounting (Administration)

* Performance Management

* Security Management

They all have an important role within the company that they must do, and they all get paid differently based on what they are doing, some of them it can be a job promotion over time, for some of them it can be a demotion. But it all depends on the company. Most companies like to pay all of their workers the same based on their knowledge and skills, and their work performance, or then their job description.

First management group, the Fault management team, their job is to find week errors and problems within the network, and report it to upper management, as soon as possible, they also have to document everything they do and see within the network, just in case something where to happen in the feature they have it documented if they knew that problem was going to happen or not. A big thing that they tend to do is to use famous software tools, such as solar winds, wire shark or any other SNMP product that pin points any other errors or future potential problem within the network.

The Configuration management team, Their job is pretty simple, any changes that needs to be done within the network, Such IP address, updating or replace or adding a new router/Switch within the network, they tend to automatically take over and do this, anything that has to do with the network devices they come in and configure the router and switches...

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