The Detroit Pistons and the New Jersey Nets

The Detroit Pistons and the New Jersey Nets

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Jake Robinson Robinson1
Mr. Mundth
English 101
1 November 2010
02 – 03 Pistons Vs. Nets
During the 2002 – 2003 NBA season there were only two teams that were able to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Those teams were the Detroit Pistons and the New Jersey Nets. The New Jersey Nets were a high-powered offense that was led by their team leader Jason Kidd. The Detroit Pistons were a “tough as nails” team that were not led by one individual but instead led by a core group of guys who would do anything for the team. Even though both teams made it to the same destination their paths were completely different.

The Detroit Pistons had only one true offensive threat and he was considered too small to play in the NBA. Richard Hamilton was the player that was capable of scoring twenty to twenty-five points a night. The Pistons didn’t try to outscore the other opponent offensively. Instead they played tough “in your face” defense and hold the opponent to fewer than ninety points every game. This philosophy worked throughout the season and even deep into the playoffs. The Pistons were able to win fifty games during the regular season, which gave them the number one seed in the playoffs. They won two playoff series with the tough defense that they were known for playing all season.

On the other hand the New Jersey Nets just wanted to be the biggest offensive threat in the league and when they acquired point guard Jason Kidd and center Chris Dudley not only did

Robinson 2

this give the Nets two offensive threats but it also gave them two offensive and defensive leaders. Jason Kidd and Chris Dudley is exactly what the New Jersey Nets needed.

Although both teams were relatively good in the past the New Jersey Nets and the Detroit Pistons exceeded the fans expectations of them in the 2002 – 2003 season. Not only did these two teams play with totally different styles but they also were as inexperienced as they come. The Nets played...

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