Running Head: CORRECTIONS 1



Latricia Kyle

October 7, 2013



Corrections is the “treatment of offenders through a system of penal incarceration, rehabilitation,

probation and parole, or the administrative system by which these are effectuated.”(Webster's, 2007)

There are several plans, aims and even people that are involved now and have been involved in the

history and the new approaches of the corrections system. There are so many responsibilities and issues

that every participant involved in the correctional system must not only abide by but they must adhere

to them too. This includes everyone from the warden or the head person in charge of the jail or prison

to the inmate already housed in the facility or the new inmate just entering the facility. The main goal

to an effective correctional system is finding a way to examine the issues that concern corrections and

the best ways to meet those specific goals.

Jails are supposed to be a place of rehabilitation, the reality is that they are actually a hotbed for

spurring criminals more violent then when they were first admitted. Before jails were even

implemented in...

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